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How to Wire a 5 Pin Automotive Relay. Pins 87/30/85/86/87a . Bosch Style. Fans / Fuel Pump / Lights

This is a how-to video for wiring a 5 pin Bosch-style Automotive relay. I’ve created an actual circuit for you to follow along with, and I explain how they work. Relays are important to have for Fuel Pumps, Electric Fans, Horns, Aftermarket Lights, etc. They protect the switch from damage by passing the higher amperage through the relay instead of the switch. In this specific diagram, it is wired as a "positive trigger" relay. That means that you are controlling the positive side of the circuit with a switch, rather than the negative side.
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I grabbed the Automotive Relays that I used in the video here:
- 5-Pin Relays: https://amzn.to/3bbIhhO

Please Note: This video description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links above, I will receive a small commission. This helps support this channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you kindly for your support!

DMX 3 Pin vs 5 Pin Connector - The Standard Explained

http://sirs-e.com/ | http://sirs-e.com/shop/dmx-gender-changers/dmx-adapter-3-pole-female-to-5-pole-male/
SIRS Electronics, Inc. | USA Phone: 956-522-2006
Tambien Hablamos Espanol.

DMX-512A Protocol originated as a way to control multiple channels from a single digital control center. This technology became the universal protocol for a lot of different lighting and stage effect manufacturers, making operation much easier due to more compatible units. Still one problem remains; some fixtures and controllers are 5 pin, and some are 3 pin.

The standard of DMX-512A when it was invented was a 5 pin XLR connector, or cannon jack. The main reason behind this was to differentiate DMX lighting signal from audio signals. If an audio signal would accidentally be plugged into an audio signal cable, damage may occur.

Also different manufacturers used pins 4 and 5 for secondary or auxiliary data ports, but DMX is primarily controlled using only 3 pins. Pin 1 is Ground, pin 2 is data Negative and pin 3 is data Positive. Pin 4 would be secondary data Negative and pin 5 secondary data Positive.
To convert from 5 pin to 3 pin, different adapters are available.

There is the 70029 adapter and the 70030 adapter. You can find these on our website to easily convert your connectors. If you want to change a connector in a cable you can do so. Only the first 3 pins on the 5 pin end are used. Please take a look at the diagram on the video for further reference.

Products Link
DMX Adapter 3 Pole Female to 5 Pole Male http://sirs-e.com/shop/dmx-gender-changers/dmx-adapter-3-pole-female-to-5-pole-male/
DMX Gender Changers http://sirs-e.com/product-category/pro-audio/led-dmx-audio-accessories/dmx-gender-changers/
ENTTEC USB PRO http://sirs-e.com/shop/dmx-usb-pro/dmx-usb-pro-enttec-70304-genuine/
Daslight Line http://sirs-e.com/product-category/dmx-control/dmx-software-controller/daslight/

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