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RF모듈로 무선통신하기 [아두이노 튜토리얼]

Arduino Tutorial - Radio Communication with RF Module

라이브러리 다운로드 링크(Library download link)

(PCB soldering) 눈이 즐거운 디지털 반도체 무선 통신 ! PCB RF 모듈 만들어지는 과정 FUN radio frequency

소형 칩 연구중 인두기(칼팁:칼처럼 넙덕한 형태)로 납을 녹여 부착하는 영상

1년간 연구개발을 통해 완성된 무선 모듈 PCB 조립되는 과정 /

영상이 도움이 되셨다면 구독과 좋아요 부탁드립니다.
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RF Module Upgrade in QD Controller for use with Mobius

Changing the Green RF Module to the newer Black RF Mobius Compatible RF Module in a QD Pump.

This may not be required on all EcoSmart Live compatible Quiet Drive VorTech and Vectras. Depending on the manufacture date many Vectra and VorTech pumps may already contain the compatible black RF module. Before attempting to change the RF module check your device compatibility in EcoSmart Live for upgrade requirements.

Once a black Mobius compatible RF module is installed /already contained firmware updates will be required before the pump is controllable through the Mobius app. Follow the instructions in the Mobius app to complete this process.

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