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BMW 528i Review...120K Miles Later (2003-2010 E60)

BMW 528i Review featuring the E60 generation 5 Series. This car is a 2008 BMW 528i with 120k miles. The V10 powered BMW M5 got all the attention for the E60 era, but the 3.0l inline-six 528i is what most normal people will buy. See my BMW 650i review here:

The 2008 BMW 528i got a few little updates and available safety features. This particular model is not equipped with very many features but, as we see in the review, this E60 generation of BMW rides excellent and handles better than pretty much anything in the class.

Before continuing, a huge shout out to European Performance for allowing me to do this review for you. Info below:

Website: https://www.europeanperformancesales.com

Address: 5641 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC 27606

Phone: (919) 803-3045

Video Chapters:

00:00 - BMW 528i Intro
00:55 - BMW 528i Exterior
01:28 - BMW 528i Drive
07:35 - BMW 528i Interior, Features, \u0026 Space
12:09 - BMW 528i Conclusion

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2011 BMW 528i Review - Should You Buy One?

In this video, I show you an exterior and interior tour of the 2011 528i as well as concert some of the changes from the previous model.




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